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Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup Omelet


Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup Omelet

Sautéed tomatoes and sharp cheddar cheese are just part of this ultimate breakfast comfort food.

For the Earth

Certified by Veriflora®, the highest U.S. standard for sustainability. Grown and packaged, start to finish, with natural, renewable, recycled, and biodegradable resources.

For the Home

For outdoors . . . beauty and function in landscapes, beds, and containers.

For indoors . . . a menu of possibilities for decorating and menu planning.

For the Table

In the kitchen . . . a new path to culinary delight with renowned cook and author Jonathan Bardzik. Your guide to fun and flavor with a focus on fresh, seasonal ingredients and unique recipes.


Footprints Plants® Edibles are good for the earth and good for you. Carefully-selected varieties of plants are hand-grown, sustainably. Find them at participating fine independent garden centers, ready for your gardening and decorating pleasures. Best of all, enjoy them deliciously with renowned cook celebrity, Jonanthan Bardzik, and his simple-creative recipes and cooking how-to.

Footprints Edibles - for the garden, kitchen and table, surrounded by good friends and family. It’s the next generation of gardening!